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Friday, August 12, 2011

friday fun times: foggy summatime!

welcome to summer in SF! where it's not sunny, but foggy, cool and windy with grey pea soup hanging low in the sky.

this is a little video i took the morning after the century ride. i woke up on the opposite side of the bridge. so while this may look like it's taken from chrissy fields (to some), it isn't. this place is also easily accessible by bike from the city. don't have reservations? go anyway during the day!

enjoy your hot weather and if you want to cool off after a bike ride, come and join us here in sun-deprived sf!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fog chronicles

ft. baker
Right on my back, not too far off is that beautiful burnt orange massive bridge entirely covered by thick fog.

On a late Tuesday afternoon, I decided to join the ninja crew and cruise to the other side of the fog force. Mist in the face, wool on the arms and the longest drooling mocos from the nose because it was just that foggy-moist out, made up for a great misty night ride.

It wasn't the tremendous effect of fog, the I-own-this-hill feeling coming into or out of the city anymore, it was returning into the presidio and encountering closed roads and construction areas. Only went in for a tad (I'm pretty sure it is rather unsafe and, if those guys see you will be pretty upset) but to see any of the big tonka trucks hard at work – I will always call them this — is just awesome.

presidio construction
Men at work

When I was 4 my dad asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said: a big steal measuring tape. Of course I dont recall this, but I recall the measuring tape thing (was huge) and of course my bike. This picture reminds me of both.
The fog, a construction site and the possible sightings of men with hard hats.

Today, August 4th is a special day deep in my heart +there will be no cake but as always, I can get on my bike, explore roads that are unaccessible to vehicles and most motorized traffic and celebrate life.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

two views from twin peaks

so i don't have much time these days to go out for a longer ride, but i do have time to go for a ride. i have to or else i get extremely antsy. twin peaks is not far from where i upupUP i go. anyone wanna join?

memorial day weekend:

Windy atop twin peaks


Foggy twin peaks view

, er, how about not foggy

Hello there marine layer...

hello there marine layer

a few days later....

Marine layer & the bridge

clear SF day, hidden GG bridge

Purdy city

clearer day, same view...

oh twin peaks. you are full of surprises. including a new riding partner i never would have expected...stay tuned for tales of the chapparito...